April 27-28, 2019

I Dance Orlando April 27-28, 2019 – Submission now open until March 1, 2019

I Dance Orlando Festival bringing together the local community of dancers, choreographers, performers, educators and students in a cooperative manner, allowing them to perform new works and also inspire and educate the public through dance. The festival aspires to create an environment for students and artists to cultivate their talent and artistry to its fullest potential, all while strengthening public appreciation and support for this unique and vast art form.

“The I Dance Orlando Festival is designed to offer a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere aimed at cultivating a creative exchange of ideas,” says Marshall Ellis, founder and artistic director of ME Dance and concept designer for the festival. “The festival will encourage artists to explore new grounds, offer a creative outlet, and also provide both local artists and the public the opportunity to experience dance in a new way.”